The Pioneer line offers extensive possibilities for Application/R&D Labs, Academia and Inspection Systems

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The Pioneer line is a comprehensive Standard PA, Advanced PA and/or Advanced TFM solution that meets the requirements of your most demanding needs. The solution includes:

  • Extensive Hardware Possibilities: flexible, powerful and scalable acquisition units

  • Extensive Software Possibilities: in terms of Advanced Phased Array and Advanced TFM and Analysis

Various Technique Applications:

  • Phased Array: Linear, Sectorial, Parallel, DDF or Zone Focusing

  • Full TFM techniques such as PWI for Fast Acquisition

  • Adaptive techniques on Complex Shapes

  • Mixed Mode APWI and PWI Available to Speed up Your Acquisition on complex Shapes

  • New techniques such as Non-Linear Acoustic or Arbitrary Waveform Emission

Key Features

Flexible Platform Designed for standard PA, Advanced PA and FMC/TFM

High Data Throughput: From 100 MB/s to 3 GB/s (According to the Model and chosen Option)
High Bandwidth: From 50 kHz to 20 MHz (15 kHz Possible In Option)
Gain Range Dynamic: 16~110 dB
High PRF: 20 kHz (30 kHz In Option)
I/O:2 Encoders (4 possible in option)/Pulse trig/Sequence Trig …
Probe: Linear, Matrix, DLA, DMA, Annular, Daisy and Custom
Extensive TFM Techniques:SAFT, TFM, Advanced TFM (PWI, XWI, DWI, CWI), Adaptive and multiple mode (L, LL, LLL, T, TT, TTT) Click Here for More Information About TFM
Arbitrary Waveform Generation In Option

Product Range


Maximum Active Aperture: 8192 Channels



Wide Range of Market Applications:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Aerospace

  • Power Generation

  • Concrete Inspection

  • Immersion Tank

For Developers

Open Platform Available for Developers (optional): Click Here for More Information

Our software team can develop for your specific application (Don’t hesitate to contact us)