• Core business is developing software for In-Line inspection and field service inspection
  • Development in C#, C++, Matlab and Labview
  • Highly specialized in Phased Array and FMC/TFM for NDT field


ARIA Software

ARIA is open format software which contains extensive features and is dedicated for the FMC/TFM process. The capabilities of this software include conventional FMC/TFM, which can be applied to straight or angled beam as well as flat, or curved pipe geometry. TFMp is supported for increased resolution of scan. Advanced FMC/TFM which is 20 to 40 times faster than conventional TFM is also available with ARIA. Another key feature is adaptive TFM, which allows inspection of various and unknown geometry.  Click Thumbnail For Full Brochure


Adaptive TFM Demonstration with ARIA Software

Advanced FMC/TFM Demonstration with ARIA Software


Prelude Software

Prelude is powerful and easy to use  acquisition and analysis software platform for Ultrasonic Testing.  Operators won’t get bogged down with too many unnecessary features so you will achieve the inspection you need without all of the hassle.  The ability to perform UT setup parameters and data acquisition for phased array technology has never been easier.

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Prelude Software Demonstration Video


Cephonia Software

Cephonia is a UT acquisition and analysis software specially designed for Phased Array corrosion mapping. For the tough field conditions that operators deal with Cephonia features no menu, less than 18 icons, and few controls so that operators can easily work and not be bothered by complex GUIs. Cephonia is simple and easy to work with yet WT, Surface, and back wall Cscan can still be analyzed and setting can be changed using the same acquired data.  Click Thumbnail For More information


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Cephonia Software Demonstration Video